HELP! I Lost My Golf Swing!

25 years ago, I lost my golf swing…
For the last time.

So, you lost your golf swing… Again! Every golfer experiences it. You’re playing your best, your golf swing is on fire and you’re sure you finally found the golf swing that will take you to your best golf game ever.  Yet deep in the back of your mind there is still a little doubt because it just seems too easy…

It usually happens on an easy shot. You set up, swing the club and watch one of the worst shots you’ve ever hit and just wonder…Where the hell did that come from?

You shake it off drop a ball to regain your confidence and with the next shot… you realize that you have completely lost your golf swing. Every shot afterward becomes a “hit and hope” experience…

And the questions racing through your mind…

Do I have to start all over… again?
Do I try to build a new golf swing or fix the one I have now?
How long will it take?
Is it even worth the effort?
Why does this happen to me?

It’s the worst feeling that golf can deliver and one that may cause you to throw clubs, break clubs or even quit altogether depending on how many times you have experienced this anguish.

Golf Swing thoughts like this are built into mainstream golf swing instruction and often lead to a total loss of your golf swing.

When golfers come to me they want:

winning golf scorecard
  • An effective golf swing.
  • A consistent golf swing.
  • A simple golf swing.
  • To be able to find the zone for every shot.
  • And they never want to lose their golf swing again!

I’m Tracy Reed. I am a Golf Finishing Coach, golf biomechanic, mental game expert, author of Breaking Golf’s Last Barrier, Golf Swing Control, and creator of Bio-Visual Focus for the sharpest mental clarity on the golf course.

As a golf finishing coach, I provide the above for golfers who are serious about their golf game using a process I call Active Awareness..

I often finish the job that was started by other golf instructors but there is one big catch…

Although Active Awareness has been proven to be one of the most effective methods to fix your golf swing and make your golf swing and overall golf game its very best, the main focus is not on the golf swing.

My instruction methods don’t focus on golf swing because my research uncovered some hidden traps within mainstream golf instruction that are the very reason so many golfers suddenly lose their golf swing without notice.

I started my research after I lost my golf swing at what I believed was the very peak of my golf game. It had happened too many times before and I decided that I was going to figure out why it happens or quit golf altogether.

It took me years to find solid solutions that insured my golf swing would never suddenly evaporate. Once I started showing other golfers what I had found, I was overwhelmed with requests from golfers to help them to keep their golf swings as well.

This blog is will give you some insight into how I solidify golfers games without golf swing instruction and show you what you should focus on to make your golf game its very best.

I’ll talk about why golfers feel so much frustration and the simple methods to eliminate frustration altogether so you can once again enjoy golf.

I will be pointing out the hidden traps built into the golf instruction you see online and give you the solutions to avoiding those traps in your golf game so you can consistently improve without ever worrying about suddenly losing your golf swing when you need it most.

Why do golfers lose their golf swing?

There is a good reason and it’s not one you would believe until you understand it.