About Tracy Reed

Tracy Reed
Unlock your Inner Golf Swing using Active Awareness and never lose your golf swing again.

I was on the 15th tee, tied for the lead…

I only needed an easy drive and a short iron for a chance at another birdie…

My swing was firing on all cylinders. My putter was hot and everything I did seemed like it was automatic…

I set up for the drive and seconds later stared in disbelief as my drive sailed OB.

No problem, I can still recover. I shook it off and hit my second drive…
And felt the blood drain from my body as another ball sailed OB.

I had lost my golf swing and had nothing left… Again!

I started playing golf in my early 20s when a friend from work invited me to play my first round of golf. I was hooked when I shot a 113 on Las Vegas Muni in 50mph winds with rented clubs. My friend said that I played pretty good for a beginner. I saw how well my friend played and I wanted to be good like him. Also, I was new in town and I didn’t have anyone I could call a friend. It felt nice to possibly have a friend in town.

I dove in with both feet. I bought equipment, bought books and videos, and hit the driving range damned near every afternoon after work, but I seemed to be going backwards.

So I took lessons to see how that would help and it did… A little. I would improve, go out and play and just stink up the course. I was still hooked on golf so I tried different teachers. Slowly I improved, but at any time it could all fall apart. I met other people who played golf but they only ever invited me to play with them one time.

I felt like the kid growing up who always got picked last.

I played a lot on my own, continued to practice and take lessons. Over the next few years, I was able to put together an OK game. Enough that other golfers would call me to play… if they had someone drop out of their foursome.

I was still the kid that got picked last.

All I wanted to do is play well enough that people would want me to play with them.

By this time I had a fully stocked video and print library of information that I could practically quote verbatim, but I couldn’t make it happen consistently. Now and then I would play in the 90s, but it was messy.

I couldn’t help but feel like I was stuck between getting lessons and watching my golf swing suddenly turn to shit while I was playing.

There had to be another way, but I didn’t see it anywhere. I wasn’t going to quit, I had too much invested and I had to prove to my golfer “friends” that I could do it.

Here’s the thing, I was NOT an uncoordinated person, but I was doing something wrong that none of the many instructors I saw could ever point out. I lost all faith in golf instruction. There had to be a better way but I just couldn’t find it. After a few more years of that I threw my clubs in a corner and vowed not to play until I figured this golf swing stuff out…

That is until my roommate asked me to help him as his company was having a tournament in a few weeks. We went to a brand new driving range in town that even had a 9-hole bent grass putting course.

When we arrived the place was buzzing. The golf pro introduced himself and asked if we wanted to get into the putting contest. One thing I could do well was putt, so we said yes. After “helping” my roommate as much as I could, I went on to win the putting contest. My prize was three lessons with the pro.

Crap! Here we go again!

My roommate calmed me down and said it certainly couldn’t hurt, so I decided to give him a fair try. Good thing I did too.

In the first 15 minutes during my very first lesson, the pro, Robert, not only saw the swing flaw I had been fighting since I started, but explained it so I could understand it. He had me hitting the ball 300% better before that first lesson was through!

When I asked what the difference was between him and every other pro I had seen, he had only one word: Biomechanics. He didn’t look at my golf swing; he looked at my body movement from the core out. Needless to say, I signed up for a series of lessons after my free lessons were done and got much better very quickly.

I got to the point where I could hit just about any shot with any club blindfolded. Robert was getting larger crowds so he offered me the assistant position. From hacker to golf instructor? Who would believe it? I accepted.

I really enjoyed teaching golfers and seeing real improvement but there was still a few glaring problems…

My golf swing would still disappear sometime during a round causing me too many strokes to play the game I now felt I should be playing. Add to that, an old back injury had flared up from all of the practice and I had to cut way back. I could play, but without lots of practice, I was not able to keep a good golf swing working for a whole round of golf. It was almost embarrassing. Golf instructors don’t shoot in the high 70s and certainly not in the low 80s!

I couldn’t keep up the charade I felt I was living at that point, so Robert and I parted ways. I took everything I learned and moved on to see if there was something I had missed hidden in all of the new stuff I had learned.

After months of research, it came to me in the shower. I had been practicing with my eyes closed and I realized that my mind was searching for an image. I had hit balls blindfolded many times before and saw the same image but I was never aware of it until I started remembering the details of the practice. This was the beginning of what is now Active Awareness.

Over the next six months I was able to develop and use Active Awareness to unlock what I now call my inner golf swing. Once I did, I never lost my golf swing again. I also haven’t needed a golf lesson since. I finally made it. The only difference was that my friends were the golf professionals I was helping with my new methods.

I was no longer the kid that was picked last.

That was over 18 years ago. Since then I’ve taught 1000s of golfers how to use the Active Awareness process with the Golf Swing Control Course to sharpen their golf swings, but until just recently, I never gave the process a name. It was just something I taught.

One day a few years ago one of my Bio-Visual Focus students was extremely intrigued at how the process works.

He asked me, “So this process integrates both minds with the body while monitoring and controlling body movement… What do you call it?”

Until then I never had a name for my process. I quickly thought and called it Active Awareness. At that point I had been using it and teaching for so long I was no longer aware of how amazing it is when golfers first experience Active Awareness.

Now I am amazed every time I see the transformation golfers make from playing “golf swing” while constantly worrying about their swing to playing  fun relaxing rounds of their best golf with no worries about their golf swing. It is worth every agonizing hour I spent trying to solve what I now see as golf’s biggest frustration.